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A Drink with Being Boss
April 05, 2018 Kate Newburg & Tasha L. Harrison

Emily + Kathleen put the drink in #ADrinkwithLadyBooks! Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon, hosts of the podcast Being Boss, visit us today to play a drinking game and discuss the writing process behind their new book, Being Boss: Take Control of Your Work + Live Life on Your Own Terms (available now for pre-order).

This week, we discuss:

  • Using Google Docs and scheduled time to write their book together
  • Writing like you speak; speaking like you write
  • Recording an audiobook and reading your words out loud
  • Incorporating spirituality into your entrepreneurial journey
  • Disclaiming your message and other triggers
  • The magic in feedback (1 vs 3 star reviews)
  • The Flowers in the Attic switch
  • Announcing yourself when you walk into room (DJ KHALED!)
  • And so very much more as we share a drink or two

Check out to learn more about the Being Boss book, including pre-order info and book events!
** If you're in or near Atlanta, Tasha and Kate are hosting a Being Boss book signing event on April 27th


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