Season 1: Episode 01

Inspiration Stalking

December 12, 2017

Welcome to our inaugural episode of Lady Books where Kate and Tasha chat (and sometimes giggle and snort) about all things books!

Authors are the frequently asked, what inspired this story? In this episode, Kate and Tasha ramble about the people, places, and things that inspire them, including:

    • the royal engagement of Prince Harry and the brown princess everyone (meaning Tasha) has been waiting for, Meghan Markle.
    • British monarchies and Kate’s obsession with them.
    • Social justice issues that seep into our narratives.
    • Reality TV and Tasha’s love for Cardi B.
    • Religion and our affinity for books about Priests and Preachers who have been led astray.
    • Serial killers, and diabolical, drug dealing Colombianas who order the deaths of fifty men while lounging in a decadent bubble bath and other ways to get the visual input you need to describe settings realistically.