Season 1: Episode 09

A Drink with Caroline Donahue

March 22, 2018

Kate & Tasha are reunited with their boss friend, Caroline! Caroline Donahue is also known as the Book Dr., and the host of her very own podcast, the The Secret Library. They talk about everything from plotting, to tarot, to wigs, to spreadsheets.

In today's episode:

  • The part where Caroline, Tasha, and Kate spend way too much time discussing who would narrate their lives.
  • Caroline’s upcoming Anthology, I Wrote it Anyway and how she and her writing buddy Dal decided to publish this book of essays.
  • Caroline’s thoughts on traditional publishing vs. self-publishing.
  • Writing hang-ups and some ideas to help you fix them.
  • Jami Gold’s writing spreadsheets and how they help the plotting process.
  • Tarot for Writers how tarot cards can help with the writing process.