Season 2: Episode 5

Genre Bending with Mel Todd

Air Date: August 2, 2019

Writing is a journey.

And no one knows that better than our good friend, and science fiction author, Mel Todd. We've known Mel has navigated some major changes in her life and career. Things that would have knocked anyone on their ass, Mel saw as an opportunity to level up to what has become her dream writing career.

In today’s episode, Tasha & Kate chat with Mel about:

  • Writing Sci-fi fanfiction and making the transition into writing original work.
  • Why she shifted from Sci-fi fanfiction into writing romance and little bit about how the old romance writing group made her want to dabble in romance writing when it wasn't her genre of choice
  • How she uses fanfiction as a guerilla marketing technique
  • Navigating grief and how it helped her find her way back to Sci-fi.
  • ebook pricing and targeting readers with ads.
  • Feeling trapped by Amazon and why it still benefits most new indies.
  • Meeting co-author and dragging him into her self-publishing journey.
  • ...and a myriad of other tangents about women in writing, the comparison trap, and so much more really good stuff about being a working writer in 2019.

Mel Todd is a self-published author and owner of Bad Ash Publishing. With over a million words published, she is aiming for another million in the next two years. She writes science fiction and previously, wrote romance under the pen name Renee Lovins.

Find Mel online at: