Season 2: Episode 6

Mixed Signals with Alyssa Cole

Air Date: August 15, 2019

Publishing is not a one-way, one lane road.

Today we're happy to have our first return guest - Alyssa Cole! When we sat down with her back in May, Alyssa had recently wrapped up the Reluctant Royal series. Today, we dig deep into her publishing journey - including her experience across multiple subgenres, agents, and publishers.

In today’s episode, Tasha & Kate reunite with Alyssa, and chat about:

  • Writing and finding neurodivergent characters in romance
    • Making it easy for readers to find your book (and themselves in your characters)
  • Writing across SO MANY GENRES and publishing without switching pen names
  • Pressure on romance writers to produce at a rate where we can’t replenish the emotional well
  • Working with an agency as a hybrid author and what it could mean for the self-published backlist
  • Embracing rejection and not being embarrassed by “the arrows that don’t hit anything”

Alyssa's books, including the Reluctant Royals series (Avon) and Loyal League (Kensington), are available wherever books are sold!

Find Alyssa online at:

(also make sure to wish Tasha a happy birthday too!)