Season 2: Episode 2

Courting Creativity with Caitlin Brehm

Air Date: May 23, 2019

Have you ever wondered about the roots and origins of our most beloved fairytales?

If you have, you understand the driving force behind Caitlin Brehm's passion project, Roots of Lore.

Caitlin is an entrepreneur who offers business operations and podcast support to other entrepreneurs. She's also a writer and a lifelong lover of words and stories which led her to the creation of her passion project, a Roots of Lore.

Roots of Lore explores the roots and origins of fairytales to ponder the messages and the lessons that we can learn from them today.

In this episode Kate and Tasha chat with Caitlin about:

  • The creative spark that birthed the podcast
  • The amount of research that goes into each episode
  • How to know when to stop researching and start writing (and they also learned a new word: procrasturbating which is what happens when you're doing writing related things, but not actually writing)
  • A mini-coaching where Kate and Tasha tell Caitlin to just write!
  • And vaginas

About Caitlin Brehm:

Caitlin Brehm is a lover of stories and the many perspectives through which they pass, coffee, travel, and spending time in the woods of the pacific northwest. She provides business operations support and podcast production services for her clients, and yes, when she can carve out corners of time in her calendar, she's slowly dreaming up what it might look like to write her very own book.

Her website:

Her podcast: Roots of Lore

Instagram: @caitlinbrehm, @rootsoflore

Books mentioned in this episode: